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Published May 6, 2014 by tenderleaf

Emberheart shuffled back through the forest, she needed to get home while her ingredients were fresh. She was an unassuming dwarf, she had sharp eyes that never missed a thing. She wore a robe of red and gold, she had numerous pouches always at her belt, always full. She smelt of crushed rose petals, sage and other smells you would think belonged to old sages hidden in librarys. There were other things that were hidden away too. In one of the pockets she had a knucklebone she kept it with her for luck. Some believed it belonged to her minion Fred. Most people thought her mad as she spoke to herself alot, and when she emerged from the forest her hair red and frizzy full of twigs muttering to Fred you could see why. She was however definately not mad. Something her sister Leafie definately knew.
Making her way to the cauldron in her hut she deposited her finds and whisprring into the night air a puff of blue smoke her spell was cast. Emberheart did not know that Leafie had arrived as she was so absorbed in her task, she did not see the look of horror briefly cross her face. Emberheart was smiling it was worth it, the spell had worked… she had summoned a revenant and now had it under her control. She turned saw her sister and said “meet Freddie, a new edition to the family.”



Published May 4, 2014 by tenderleaf

Leafie knew of the darkness that welled in Embers soul, she also knew she was not an evil or bad person just complicated. She knew after tracking her through the woods she spent ages collecting mushrooms, toadstools and any number of razorbush leaves. Bat wings from Gloamwood, essences left behind from long gone souls that roamed the many ruins of that dark, cold, haunting area. Finally scraps of cloth and bones from casters found soulless and desperate.  All placed in her pouches at her waist. Fred by her side always.  

Puzzled by this she returned home to think on things, walking through her rooms she mused on how her home could not be more different to her sisters. A rug on the floor, a low fire burning a bed placed against the wall. She glanced at her rack where she was tanning leather, and took her lute down from the wall. Softly playing she settled in her cosy chair and let the music surround her, relaxing her. As she relaxed so did her wolf as the music wrapped around her too letting her drift softly to sleep on the rug. After playing Leafie got up, her mind in not such a troubled state wandered out to where she had a couple of rabbits strung up. Picking them up adding some carrots and potatoes from the larder she started making a stew. Her wolf opening one lazy eye to see what she was upto shut it quickly when she realised there was no threat. 

Growing up

Published May 4, 2014 by tenderleaf

Many years passed, babes turned into children and children turned into teenagers. They were close, although many people did not understand how close twins could be. They had very different interests.  Leafie as she grew found an affinity with animals, she could calm them they felt safe around her, some even followed her.  She also learnt to play instruments quickly and easily and her skill with a bow was unrivalled.  Emberhearts calling however was entirely different, she became secretive spending long hours in the woods alone. She had magic in her blood, and an ability to contact the dead.  She  could make potions and weave spells, dark spells that would make most people recoil in horror.  Her crowning achievement was summoning, she had summoned a protector, someone who would keep her safe…. Fred!


Published April 21, 2014 by tenderleaf

It was dark the night they were born, dark and cold. The last of the leaves were falling from the trees just as the first snow could be smelled on the air. The labour was long and arduous, the screams could be heard echoing through the valley, the men of course drank oblivious to what was going on upstairs except for a healthy son would soon be born.

As time progressed, the mother pushed with all her might, the men fell asleep in their cups and a babe was born, a healthy little girl. Everyone relaxed when all of a sudden the mother let out a piercing scream, clutched her stomach and pushed. The men awoken by the scream rushed upstairs, the father pushed the door open to witness the birth of his second child. The cold air made the embers that had long since burnt out flare once more and a leaf blew  in from the window to land on top.

No one expected twins it was a rarity, the female giving birth hardly ever survived. Luckily this time she did, wrapped in furs with her husband beside her she watched the leaf land on the embers and decided that would be her childrens names. Leafie and Emberheart.

Outside the snow started to fall heavily and no-one realised or cared that the last leaf had fallen from the tree.