Published May 4, 2014 by tenderleaf

Leafie knew of the darkness that welled in Embers soul, she also knew she was not an evil or bad person just complicated. She knew after tracking her through the woods she spent ages collecting mushrooms, toadstools and any number of razorbush leaves. Bat wings from Gloamwood, essences left behind from long gone souls that roamed the many ruins of that dark, cold, haunting area. Finally scraps of cloth and bones from casters found soulless and desperate.  All placed in her pouches at her waist. Fred by her side always.  

Puzzled by this she returned home to think on things, walking through her rooms she mused on how her home could not be more different to her sisters. A rug on the floor, a low fire burning a bed placed against the wall. She glanced at her rack where she was tanning leather, and took her lute down from the wall. Softly playing she settled in her cosy chair and let the music surround her, relaxing her. As she relaxed so did her wolf as the music wrapped around her too letting her drift softly to sleep on the rug. After playing Leafie got up, her mind in not such a troubled state wandered out to where she had a couple of rabbits strung up. Picking them up adding some carrots and potatoes from the larder she started making a stew. Her wolf opening one lazy eye to see what she was upto shut it quickly when she realised there was no threat. 


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