Published April 21, 2014 by tenderleaf

It was dark the night they were born, dark and cold. The last of the leaves were falling from the trees just as the first snow could be smelled on the air. The labour was long and arduous, the screams could be heard echoing through the valley, the men of course drank oblivious to what was going on upstairs except for a healthy son would soon be born.

As time progressed, the mother pushed with all her might, the men fell asleep in their cups and a babe was born, a healthy little girl. Everyone relaxed when all of a sudden the mother let out a piercing scream, clutched her stomach and pushed. The men awoken by the scream rushed upstairs, the father pushed the door open to witness the birth of his second child. The cold air made the embers that had long since burnt out flare once more and a leaf blew  in from the window to land on top.

No one expected twins it was a rarity, the female giving birth hardly ever survived. Luckily this time she did, wrapped in furs with her husband beside her she watched the leaf land on the embers and decided that would be her childrens names. Leafie and Emberheart.

Outside the snow started to fall heavily and no-one realised or cared that the last leaf had fallen from the tree.


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